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Flying Ray

On December 3, 2004, in Mason County, witnesses report seeing a “flying manta ray”. On a clear night, after a man and a woman departed Point Pleasant en route to Huntington WV, the woman noticed a sudden movement in the sky over the Ohio River.  It was a greyish, smooth-winged shape.  The shape swooped in a figure 8 in front of the windshield and was gone in an instant.

Another sighting was reported in Randolph County near Black Fork and Blackwater River. A woman and her daughter saw a manta ray -shaped creature that glided along over or near their car.   



A Cloaker from the famous Dungeons and Dragons game series. Could the mystery cryptid bear similar features to it?

Size: Bigger than the car. The wingspread was wider than a 2 lane road. 

Color: Grey, translucent like a jellyfish.

Known ray species (such as the Manta and the Mobula) can lift themselves at least 9 feet out of the water and glide. Since both sighting occurred near rivers, it is probable that this creature is an undiscovered river creature. Judging by its size, it is likely big and powerful enough to propel itself out of the water - enough to be seen by people passing by.  


  • UFO.
  • An unknown species.
  • A subspecies of Air Rod, or perhaps a full grown Air Rod.