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Flying Head
Flying head
Flying Head by OnHolyServiceBound on DeviantArt
Type Mythological Beast
First Sighting Around the 15th Century
Last Sighting Undocumented
Country United States
Habitat Woodlands
Possible Population Likely zero

The Flying Head, also known as the Big Head or the Great Head, is a cryptid spirit deeply entrenched in the folklore of the Haudenosaunee and Wyandot peoples. Described as a malevolent entity, the Flying Head is depicted as a grotesque manifestation with features akin to a human head, adorned with long, dark hair and eyes that strike terror into the hearts of witnesses. Its mouth is said to be filled with razor-sharp fangs, and in some iterations, it bears bat-like wings protruding from its cheeks or bird-like talons, rendering it a truly fearsome sight. Legends describe it as larger than any man and possessing an impenetrable hide, impervious to conventional weapons.[1]

The Legend[]

According to indigenous folklore, the Flying Head was responsible for driving away the original inhabitants of the area now known as the state of New York, particularly the region near the source of the Hudson River and the Adirondack Mountains, before the arrival of European settlers. One account, attributed to a Mohawk guide known as Capt. Gill in the early nineteenth century, places the legend near Sacandaga Lake in the town of Lake Pleasant, New York.

The tribe that once inhabited the area, whose name has been lost to history, purportedly lived on a hill behind what is now the Hamilton County buildings. The legend of the Flying Head served as a deterrent, keeping neighboring tribes at bay for many years. However, the cursed nature of the hill persisted through time, as evidenced by the mysterious and tragic fate of three hotels built upon its sacred grounds, all of which succumbed to fires.

Capt. Gill, a prominent figure in the area, resided in a wigwam at the outlet of Lake Pleasant, alongside his wife Molly and their daughter Molly Jr. Despite the unsettling presence of the legend and the ominous history of the land, life continued amidst the haunting legacy of the Flying Head.

Cryptid Status[]

The Flying Head remains firmly entrenched in the mythology of the Haudenosaunee and Wyandot peoples, its existence relegated to the realms of legend and folklore. While sightings and encounters with this malevolent spirit persist in oral traditions, there is no empirical evidence to substantiate its existence beyond the rich tapestry of indigenous storytelling and myths. Nonetheless, the legacy of the Flying Head endures as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and the human fascination with the supernatural.

Despite modern sightings being minimal, some say the flying head haunts the Haudenosaunee nation, with reports of it gliding around buildings.