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The Fiskerton Phantom is an ABC-like creature sighted in


Fiskerton, Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom.


It was first reported August 27, 1997 by four girls, between the ages of nine and fourteen, who were staying at a caravan park next to a pub at Short Ferry, a small hamlet next to Fiskerton. They described seeing a four-foot tall jet-black ursine-like creature eating a pheasant. The girls, scared, fled immediately to seek help in the pub. When they returned, they saw large paw prints. A motorist reported the beast again that evening, near where the girls saw the critter. On 2011, it was reported again various times.

In Popular Culture

The sighting formed the basis for the character of Fiskerton, voiced by Diedrich Bader, in the Cartoon Network animated television series The Secret Saturdays created by Jay Stephens.

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