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LeafTailed Gecko

The Famocantratra is a small lizardlike animal found in Madagascar. Its name means “leaper at the chest”.


The famocantratra's skin is made of small paws or claws which allow it to adhere to trees like glue. It is almost impossible to see as it sticks to trees. Its mouth is always open to capture insects.

It will leap onto the chest of anyone who passes by, and it holds on so fast that the skin has to be sliced off with a razor. For this reason it is extremely feared and avoided by the natives of Madagascar.

Possible Explanations[]

The Famocantratra could be a Leaf-Tailed Gecko who is very similar by description or a rare species of reptile who are similar to the Gecko but are extremley dangerous to humans.


Leaf-Tailed Geckos who live in Madagascar and other nearby islands are similar to Famocantratra by description.


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