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Extinct or Alive is a new Animal Planet series premiering during Monster Week 2018, about conservationist, Forrest Galante who travels around the world, looking for to see if extinct creatures, such as the Thylacine, truly stayed extinct or not.

A special episode did air during Monster Week 2016, where he does search for the Thylacine.

​​​​​​List of episodes:

Zanzibar leopard:

Forest travels to the island of Zanzibar to see if its native apex predator is possibly extinct.



Forrest Galante is falsely credited with the discoveries of many species. He has no discernible scientific or peer reviewed publications attached to his name as of 2019, and accusations of appropriation of many other scientists' (re)discoveries (examples include-Rio Apaporis caiman and the Fernandina giant tortoise). As stated by wikipedia and sevreal other sources "Galante’s practice of Parachute Science and somewhat Colonialistic Science is stated to be extremely damaging to the field of ecology."