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The El Yunque Chupacabra is a recently reported type of Chupacabra seen only in El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico. Its victims are described as having a single hole in the neck and emptied out.


  • While camping, Hector Jusino and a few friends saw one run through their camp several times. Later, they saw three on the side of the road and hours later, found themselves in a baseball field twelve miles away with no knowledge of how they got their
  • An unnamed farmer woke to sound of squealing pigs and ran outside to find the creature killing them. He threw a machete at it and it (the machete) bounced back and broke in half. The farmer reported when machete hit the creature it sounded like it hit metal.

Some sightings coincide with ufo sightings.

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The creature has been described as having the lower body of a kangaroo, the upper body of a primate, crab claws, a long tail, hooves and goat fur.


There is one main theory

  • It is an extraterrestrial

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