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The Dublin Lake Monster are strange monsters. 

The Story[]

According to legend, an unfortunate diver who had been missing for days following a routine dive, was found naked and in a state of shock babbling incoherently about the “monsters” he had encountered in the caverns below the murky lake. While the evidence surrounding this account is scant at best, rumors have run rampant since the early 1980s regarding a skin diver and his mysterious — and ostensibly terrifying — encounter with a group of monsters he discovered in a sub-aquatic cavern deep within the bowels of Dublin Lake, which is located in Cheshire County. Author Philip Rife, confirmed the basic details regarding this harrowing tale: “… a skin diver, who’d set out to explore the lake’s underwater caverns in the early 1980s emerged badly shaken and mumbling something about monsters.”

Another version of the legend states that a diving bell was used in order to explore the depths of Lake Dublin in the dawning years of the 1980s, but the diving bell did not have enough tether to make it to the bottom of the deepest portion of the lake. A scuba diver was then sent down to explore this cavernous void and disappeared. Days later — in an identical fashion to the tale told of the skin diver — the scuba diver was allegedly discovered in the woods by a group of hikers, also nude and rambling unintelligibly about “monsters.” This is where the tales diverge, however, as in the caverns discovered by the scuba diver allegedly had dry, oxygen filled pockets that were inhabited not by prototypical Lake Monsters, but an as yet unclassified and altogether more bizarre breed of subterranean cryptid. Sadly — perhaps due to the mentally unhinged state of the eyewitness — no description of these presumably horrific beasts was ever chronicled, nor were the reasons why these creatures felt compelled to release the diver in a state of undress ever revealed. In a move that virtually solidifies the Dublin Lake Monster’s status as an urban (or, perhaps more appropriately sub-urban) legend, the story concludes on the tragic note that the unidentified scuba diver was institutionalized due to his inability to live with the horror that he had been confronted by in those unfathomably deep caves beneath the dark waves of Dublin Lake.


The story is most likely a made up story, or a hoax.

In Popular Culture[]

  • Dublin Lake Monster

    Dublin Lake Monster as depicted in MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation

    The Dublin Lake Monster is featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.