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This article contains information relating to a hoax. According to Cambridge dictionary a hoax is "a ​plan to ​deceive a ​large ​group of ​people; a ​trick."


Drop bears are large, vicious and fake relatives of the peaceful herbivorous koala. Their method of attack is brutal and will kill humans easily. They remain hidden in a tree, usually gum or eucalyptus, until they see their prey walk underneath, and they drop down and brutally attack the victim's head using its teeth and claws. Ways to avoid the made up drop bear attacks are odd, but usually simple. They consist of putting forks into your hair, spreading toothpaste behind your ears, armpits, or on your neck, urinating on yourself, putting vegimite behind your ears, or only speaking in an Australian accent in English. Luckily, they usually only hunt and feast at night, making them harder to encounter.

Most people say they are just a part of local lore meant to amuse visitors, but others joke it could be a real creature. Young children attending camp will be warned of the creature and told to lay on their back near a tree and spit upwards. If the drop bear is up there and hopefully asleep, it will wake up and spit back.

Appearance in Media

Australian geographic wrote an article on the animal as an April fool's joke in 2012. Also, the Australian museum has had an entry about the drop bear. It was supposed to be a serious entry, as they gave drop bears a scientific name: Thylarctos Plummetus. The description says that they are the size of a massive dog, have thick orange fur with dark mottling, having strong forearms useful for attacking and climbing, biting using premolars, weighing at 260 lbs, and be approximately 51 inches long. They disregarded it as a prank or not a serious entry. But they are known to have an exhibit on the beast anyway. They also appear in the Apple product's game Blockheads. They are vicious enemies that attack the player when they walk by their tree. Drop bears were also shown in the game Crossy Road, if you are an Australian animal, the drop bear may fall on you, causing you to unlock it. It also appears in a Minecraft mod called "alex's mobs" as a hostile mob.


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