A doppelgänger is a cryptid that originated in Germany but has spread all throughout the world. The word doppelgänger literally means double goer. A doppelgänger is essentially an evil twin. It goes around to your friends and relatives, confusing them. They think it's you, so they can easily mess up your life. They can also end it. Seeing your own doppelgänger signifies death. In other words, you see your doppelgänger, you die. 


Look in a mirror. That's what a doppelgänger looks like. Some people think it may be a ghost or spirit of some sort, and others think it's actually a creature with flesh and blood. Little is known about doppelgängers, and zero is known about their original form, as they immediately mimic the first person they see. The one thing that distinguishes them from normal people is that they have no shadow or reflection. This kind of supports them being a spirit of some sort. They may have some amount of psychic abilities(they can put thoughts in your heads). There's no pictures because the doppelgänger is an exact(or almost exact) replica of someone.


Most people never see their doppelgänger, but some do. When they do, they often die... The doppelgänger can either be nice and hang out, or it can be evil and ruin your life (like going into your job and saying that they quit. The next day, you won't be able to go to work). There are so many instances of doppelgänger, that there is almost no need for this. But just so this article won't be a stub, here are some famous people's doppelgänger. Queen Elizabeth I saw her doppelgänger in her bed right before she died. Edgar Allan Poe even said he had a doppelgänger. In some of his work, he describes a double with evil, sinister qualities...

Possible explanation

Although several explanations are possible, it is worth noting that certain scholars have mentioned that due to genetics only being so complex, there ought to be roughly 10 people who look exactly like you on the planet, given the current population of 8 billion. It is also stated that about 10% of people will likely meet one of their "twins" at some point during their life.

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