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Donkey Lady of San Antonio
Type Misidentified/ Hoax/ Humanoid/ Ghost/ Hybrid
First Sighting 1960
Last Sighting 1960
Country San Antonio, Texas
Habitat Donkey Lady Bridge
Possible Population None/ Hoax

The Donkey Lady is a legend from San Antonio, Texas about a woman that is part donkey. In cryptozoological terms, the only known sightings were just misidentifications of domesticated donkeys.[1]

The legend[]

Many stories have come from this legend from her being a burn victim that was burned so bad that after she healed, her hands were fused into black hooved like appendages and a melted saggy face, resembling a donkey. Other legends say she was once a normal woman who had a pet donkey that she loved so much that after the donkey was taken away by some neighbors after it bit one of the neighbors, not only did the neighbors shove the donkey into the river over a nearby bridge, the men then shoved the woman into the river to drown and now her ghost is said to haunt the now named after Donkey Lady bridge in the form of terrible half human half donkey hybrid.

The creature is believed to inhabit the Donkey Lady Bridge built in 1917 that crosses the Medina River via the old alignment of Applewhite Rd., approximately four miles North of Loop 1604 on the South side of San Antonio.[1][2]


In the 1960s, locals claimed to have sighted the creature "wailing [or] crying"; however, it was determined to be only a domestic donkey. Donkey hoof prints have also been found, though they are likely to be just hoof prints of a domestic donkey.[1]