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Domenech's Pseudo-goat or the Rose-horned Clawed Goat is a small, goat-like cryptid that was sighted around the 1850's in the United States by Abbé Emanuel Domenech.[1]


The Domenech's Pseudo-goat was described as having a silky, white coat, clawed paws instead of hooves, and bright red horns atop its skull.[1]


...a very singular animal about the size of a cat, but of the form and appearance of a goat. Its horns were rose-coloured, its fur was of the finest quality, glossy like silk and white as snow; but instead of hoofs this little animal had claws. This officer offered five hundred francs for it; and the commandant's wife, who also spoke of this animal, offered a brilliant of great value in exchange for it; but the Indian woman refused both these offers, and kept her animal

The Domenech's pseudo-goat was discovered around 1850 in the French Fredericksburg Texas by a Abbé Emanuel Domenech, a local missionary, after the town was visited by a local Comanche woman who happened to own the animal. Allegedly the creature could be found in the nearby woodlands and she resisted to part from the creature. [2]


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An artists representation of a Chalicothere, a possible explanation for the cryptid.

Cryptozoologist Karl Shuker suggested that the animal is a extant Chalicothere. Others say it could be an extant Notoungulate or a strange Bovine species. [3]


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