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Dolphin 1 animal

The animal photographed by Gwenith Penry.

The Dolphin 1 animal, otherwise known as the Gwenith Penry’s Blob, is an unidentified sea creature observed in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South Africa.


The animal is between 30 and 40 centimentres long and between 5 and 10 centimetres thick, with a 2 to 5 centimetre thick "skirt." The body was grey with red and white bands around the edges of the "skirt," and an orange or brown patch on the ventral surface. It notably has a "nose" or trunk which moves indepentendly of the body. This nose is at the front end of the body. It swims slowly, perhaps using its "vents" for propulsion.


The animal was originally reported by Gwenith Penry on 27 March 2007, when she was aboard the vessel Dolphin 1. The animal was observed about half a metre below the surface, before surfacing and swimming towards the boat, lifting its "nose."

Although there were more than two hundred dolphins in the area, neither they nor the animal took any notice of one another.

Attempted Identification[]

In mid 2018 Paleontology/Biology youtuber TREY the Explainer attempted to identify the Dolphin 1 animal in a video where he was attempting to identify globsters and other modern sea cryptids. His comments on the Dolphin 1 animal were notable as it was the only creature in the entire video that he had no explanation for, he suggested it could be a new genus or even Phylum.