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The Dingmaul (Saxicatellus vociferens), Ding Maul, Ding Ball or Plunkus was a giant cat that sat in a giant rock in California, that was nicknamed Dingmaul Rock. The dingmauls have wolf-like skin and a sad expression in their face. They have viscous bodies and they have been seen spitting on a rock and studying the dirt. They have a long tail that is half of their body length with a spiky ball at the end. They use the tail to scare flies away and produce splinters to fill their nests or burrows. The male hits himself in the breast with his tail to attract the female and mate. The female also has a ball that is darker than the male. A similar cryptid is the Sliver Cat .

The dingmaul is famous in the White Mountains; above the timberline extending in the hill that is between the Mt. Adams and the Mt. Jefferson of Presidential Range is a very visible rock, that was called Dingmaul Rock.

There are two species of Dingmauls: the Northwest and the Californian.

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"The Dingmaul" from Fearsome Critters (1939) by Henry H. Tryon

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