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Type Fearsome Critter
First Sighting 19th Century, 1950s
Last Sighting Unknown
Country United States, Canada
Habitat Forests,
Possible Population Unknown

Dingbat is a fearsome critter from the tales of lumberjacks of North America from the 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly in the area of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The most well known specimen was put on display at the "Friendly Buckhorn" tavern in the 1950's


The Dingbat is described as a large bat or bird-like creature, with a short feathered body, large wings and short deer-like antlers on its head. It is also described as resembling a very fast owl.

To quote the taverns postcards: "The DINGBAT" is a very unusual flying animal. it whinnies like a horse and lives on a diet of gasoline seasoned with bullets this "DINGBAT' was captured by the local chapter of "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Deer Hunters and is on Display at the "FRIENDLY BUCKHORN" - it is one of many strange creatures native to the area near Rice Lake."

The Dingbat had the unique ability to eat bullets in mid-air, and was known for pranking hunters by drinking gasoline out of their cars and stealing their ammunition.


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