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The Dice Devil of Ecklin County (also known as the Ecklin County Entity and the Munson Mystery Man) was an unidentified humanoid seen by three teenage boys in the woods near Munson, Arkansas in 1989. The sighting presaged a UFO flap in the area.

Summary and description[]

The only sighting of the Dice Devil to date occurred on September 3rd, 1989 in Ecklin County, Arkansas. Three teenage boys, Burrell (15) and Davis (13) Willis and Robert Miller (16) were in the back bedroom of the Willis family home alone playing a game when they heard a series of loud bangs from the nearby woods. All boys agreed that the sounds weren't gunshots (a noise they were familiar with living in a rural area). After looking out the window of the bedroom and seeing an unexplained orange light weaving amongst the trees about 300 yards away, the trio decided to take the father's shotgun and go and investigate.

Reaching the small wooded area, the boys encountered a mysterious man in a suit with deep red skin (Burrell Willis would later describe it as being the "color of a cherry"). He had slick black hair, a black moustache, and horn-like protrusions from his forehead. This made the boys immediately uncomfortable, but they remained silent and the man approached them smiling. He greeted them in a European accent, seemingly speaking into the teenagers' minds directly without moving his mouth, asking for directions to the nearest town. After the boys gave him vague directions to nearby Munson, he offered them a small carved stone dice as a 'thank you', suggesting that it "would be good for the game they [were] playing".

The teenagers were momentarily distracted by the unusual dice which bore cryptic symbols instead of numbers, but when they looked up the man had vanished as if he had "zapped" out of existence. Suddenly realizing the terror of the situation, the three boys ran back to the Willis home and hid until the Willis brothers' mother returned from work hours later.


The sighting of the Dice Devil was reported on in a local newspaper, but as a playful joke story rather than a serious incident. However, the sighting seemingly kicked off a UFO flap in the area, with the Ecklin County UFO Research Association seeing a spike in reported sightings throughout the spring and summer of 1990. ECUFORA interviewed the three teenagers and published a report on their sighting in the Winter 1989 issue of their association journal.

In the three years after the sighting, both the Willis and Miller families experienced a number of personal tragedies that they would eventually come to blame on the Dice Devil's gift. The Willis family destroyed the dice with a hammer in 1991 in an attempt to break the curse, but their string of bad luck continued for several years after.


The Willis-Miller sighting is the only reported sighting of the Dice Devil. As a result, a number of explanations have been proposed for the unusual story, including a prank that got out of hand, and folie a deux. Many insist that the entity was actually an extraterrestrial, as demonstrated by the following UFO flap.

Because the teenagers had been playing Dungeons & Dragons the evening of the sighting, some media outlets took the story as evidence of demonic involvement, tying the sighting into the larger 'Satanic Panic' that was occurring in America at the time.