Artist Rendering of the Dewey Lake Monster

The Dewey Lake Monster is the name given to a large bipedal creature approximately 10 feet (3 meters) tall and weighing about 500 pounds (227 kilograms), which first gained wide notoriety in June 1964 after several reported sightings near Dewey Lake in Dowagiac, Michigan. It is also referred to as the Michigan Bigfoot and Sister Lakes Sasquatch.

The beast had already been known to locals in the area for several years prior to the June 1964 events and was rumored to dwell primarily along a 15-mile stretch of swamp-land extending from Dowagiac/Sister Lakes toward Decatur, Michigan (along Dewey Lake Street); however, in 1964 it gained national attention in the United States after several notable attacks and sightings prompted investigation by authorities, which in turn resulted in coverage by national newspapers and caused a flood of curious thrill-seekers and monster-hunters to besiege the local community in the summer of '64.

Though the monster was never captured nor the mystery resolved, footprints were photographed and plaster casts taken as well as sketches rendered.

Former Cass County Sheriff, Paul Parrish, was quoted as saying "it was one of the strangest times" in his "33 years of southwestern Michigan law enforcement." He added: "We investigated it long and hard, but were never able to come up with whatever it was. But some good, honest, legitimate people" reported it.

The mystery remains to this day, as do the sightings. Perhaps the most curious aspect of the case is that the people who witnessed the "beast" are still reluctant to discuss what they saw; they only want to forget it and are not interested in having their names associated with the "thing" they encountered.

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