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The carcass.

The story begins in 1996. A woman named Barbara Mullins was driving down a hot and dusty asphalt Louisiana highway called Highway 12. Eventually, she thought she saw some strange creature dead on the side of the road. It was very curious and she was luckily equipped with a camera, so she decided to pull over. What she found, has changed the face of cryptozoology forever. She described the carcass as being the size of an adult Saint Bernard and covered in thick brown hair, which was unusual for the climate. But its most unusual and most un-canine like feature of all, were its ape-like feet extending from its bulky body. It boasted small pointed ears, too. She thought at first the carcass was merely a deceased dog, until she noticed the simian-like appearance.

In September 5 of the same year, the Dequincy News published the report of this bizarre and unidentifiable fauna. They noted that it could be the blood-sucking Chupacabra, or even the voracious Devil Monkey, which is more plausible.



The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries examined the photos and decided it was only the "toy" breed of dog known as the Pomeranian. The problem with this conclusion is that the creature was the size of an adult Saint Bernard which averages at 264 lbs, and 27 1/2 inches tall. Meanwhile, Pomeranians are only 7.7 lbs, and are 11 inches tall. This conclusion doesn't explain the odd ape feet either...

In 2000, a man named Roy Young started investigating the images. He did intense research and concluded that the animal seen in those photos was Loup Garou (Rougarou), the Cajun werewolf. Legends of the Loup Garou go back centuries and are associated with the Skunk Ape and the Honey Island Swamp Monster, other cryptids of the Southern region. He claimed that he even obtained some skeletal remains of the beast from an anonymous man in the Lake Charles area. But the bone fragments were not authentic as they had a dermal ridge which is common in canines. These exciting remains were said to have been a hoax, or to have been simply randomly found by the man.

Deridder 2

Artist's reconstruction.

The last extensive research ever done of this carcass was made 14 years ago. Nothing else has aroused from the dry lands of Louisiana, but people still believe this report is genuine and that the source of the rotting corpse in the images is still out there, lurking, waiting to be discovered. If this creature is found, it would be the biggest zoological find of the 21st century, and would be the first species of primate native to the United States.

But for now, we just have to wait or dream, or why not even attempt to find it?