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DarkMythHunter is the name of an account that makes videos that show results of what is called "myth hunting", where a 7 to 14 day investigation is made of various myths that appear in video games, or real life. This article is specifically about the show Real Life Myths and Legends, a show that mainly talks about Urban Legends, Cryptids, and Folklore. The show premiered on January 24, 2013.


The show is mainly presented in text, and usually starts off giving a brief description of the urban legend or cryptid. Next, any kind of footage, recordings, pictures, videos, etc. will be presented. Then a short review of the footage shown is presented and DarkMythHunter decides how true it is. The show mainly picks urban legends, cryptids, and folklore, but occasionally features creepypasta—most notably the first episode. 


List of Episodes
No. Title of Episodes Date of Upload
1 Urban Legend - Slender Man Jan. 24, 2013
2 Urban Legend - Bloody Mary Feb. 1, 2013
3 Cryptids - Jersey Devil Feb. 7, 2013
4 Cryptids - Chupacabra Feb. 26, 2013
5 Phenomenons - SCP-173 May 15, 2013
6 Cryptids - The Pombero Jul. 31, 2013
7 Urban Legends - The Bunny Man Nov. 7, 2013
8 Cryptids - The Rake Nov. 13, 2013
9 Urban Legends - Mothman Dec. 8, 2013
10 Urban Legends - Fuji Forest Jan. 22, 2014
11 Urban Legends - Silverpilen Jan. 30, 2014