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The Dalby Spook also known as Gef The Talking Mongoose is a creature that was discovered by the Irvings Family. The family claimed Gef had been living in between the wooden panels of their farmhouse and he would often be heard scratching the panels or rustling around.

Story Of Gef

Gef the Talking Mongoose was discovered by the Irvings Family. Gef had apparently been living in their farmhouses wooden panels and making scratching and rustling noises. Gef eventually introduced himself to the family and told them he was an extra clever mongoose. He also said he was an earthbound spirit. The Irvings said that Gef guarded their home, Informed them of the approach of any unfamiliar guests and woke people up when they overslept. The Irvings also claimed that gef would accompany them on trips to the grocery store. After the media heard about the Gef, they flocked to the Irving's home. Some visitors say they heard Gef’s voice but physical evidence of the creature was lacking. Footprints, stains on the wall and hair samples were claimed to be evidence of Gef but were identified as belonging to the irvings sheepdog. The Irving Family left the home in 1945 because it had the reputation of being haunted. In 1946, Leslie Graham bought the Irvings farmhouse and claimed in the press that he had accidentally shot and killed Gef. However, the body displayed by Graham was black and white and much larger than the mongoose. Voirrey Irving was certain that it was not Gef. She died in 2005. In an interview published in the later years of her life, she stated that Gef was not her creation. Though, people claim that Voirrey Irving used ventriloquism and family collusion to perpetuate the hoax. But whatever Gef was, some kind of spirit, a hoax, or some new species of weasel that is capable of spirit, he will go down in history as one of the most ridiculous cryptids.

 In Popular Media

•The 2009 song 8th Wonder by Lemon Demon features Gef as the main focus in in lyrical themes, using numerous alleged quotes from the mongoose in the song as well.