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The Cumberland Dragon, also known as Goosefoot, is a lesser known mystery creature only reported to have been sighted once near the Cumberland Mountains.

The Sighting[]

The following weird blurb was posted in the Caledonian Mercury on December 4, 1794:

"In February last, a detachment of mounted infantry, commanded by Captain John Beard, penetrated fifteen miles into the Cumberland mountain.

On Cover Creek, Ensign McDonald and another man, in advance of the party as spies, discovered a creature about three steps from them; it had only two legs, and stood almost upright, covered with scales of a black, brown, and a light yellow colour in spots like rings, a white tuft or crown on the top of its head, about four feet high, a head as big as a two pound stone, and large eyes of a fiery red.

It stood about three minutes in a daring posture (orders being given not to fire a gun except at the Indians.) Mr. McDonald advanced, and struck at it with his sword, when it jumped at least eight feet, and lit on the same spot of ground, sending forth a red kind of matter out of its mouth, resembling blood, and then retreated into a laurel thicket, turning round often as if it intended to fight.

The tracks of it resembled that of a goose, but larger.

The Indians report that a creature inhabits that part of the mountain of the above description, which, by its breath, will kill a man, if he does not instantly immerse himself in water."

In Popular Culture[]

  • The Cumberland Dragon is featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.
Cumberland Dragon

Cumberland Dragon as depicted in MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation