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Cryptozoology: Science & Speculation was written by Chad Arment, a famous cryptozoologist who has conducted much research on Bigfoot, and has also dismissed and proved a few cryptids as hoaxes.

This book compiles and sorts the most significant sightings, but also provides a look at hoaxes, misidentifications, and the influential perspective of newspaper editors as they dealt with reports of cryptids.

Books Introduction[]

Cryptozoology can be an effective tool in zoological discovery. Those who investigate Bigfoot, lake monsters, sea serpents and other unrecognized species will find a scientific foundation for their search.

Table of Contents[]

Part I: Science

  • What is Cryptozoology?
  • A Scientific Foundation for an Investigative Methodology
  • A Logical Foundation for an Investigative Methodology
  • An Ethnozoological Foundation for an Investigative Methodology
  • The Rationale for Cryptozoology
  • The Methodology of Cryptozoology
  • The Feasibility of Cryptozoology
  • The Credibility of Cryptozoology

Part II: Speculation

  • Long-Tailed Bobcats
  • The West Virginia Roc
  • Giant Orangutans
  • Notes on the Search for Historical Bigfoot Reports
  • The Pennsylvania "Gorilla"
  • The Great Naked Bear
  • Stone Giants
  • The Pichu-Cuate
  • Giant Snakes in the Everglades
  • The Broad Top Serpent and other "Boss" Snakes
  • Dwarf Seals
  • Merfolk and Sea Monkeys
  • Introduced Species and Cryptozoology


  • Suggestions for the Obtaining of Larger Zoological Specimens (Ivan T. Sanderson)
  • North American Terrestrial Description Dates
  • Wildlife Genetics Laboratories