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Cryptid Wiki ( is a wiki hosted by Fandom that anyone can edit (previously hosted by Wikia on It founded by an user named Giraffeman (CRYPTIDS) on July 29th, 2009 and was adopted by Australopithecusman on March 19, 2012, becoming the wiki's first active administer and bureaucrat. It currently has 1,761 articles and is continuing to expand. Cryptid wiki consists of articles about cryptids (including spirits, aliens, and mythological creatures) and non-cryptids (including hoaxes and former cryptids).



The first article in this wiki

The first article in this wiki is Adjule, then followed by Agogwe as the second article. African Peacock is first former cryptid article introduced in September, the first hoax article is Air rods, then the new articles continued to expand until now.


After Giraffeman (CRYPTIDS) created this wiki, a new account was also created in that month too, but the second account to edit in this wiki is GTAIVish in September by creating African peacocks article, in the same day Sillyghostfreak99 also joined and create Giant bats article. After Giraffeman (CRYPTIDS) abandoned the wiki, there were no admins or bureaucrats running the wiki. Australopithecusman adopted the wiki on March 19, 2012, becoming the wiki's first administer or bureaucrat other than Giraffeman. All original admins or bureaucrats since, including TheGhostMan, Afif Brika, Admiral Warsilver, DeinonychusDinosaur999, PizzaSomarinoa and Tankburger1235 were appointed by Australopithecusman, making him the unofficial founder of the modern version. Australopithecusman also added the first achievements, non-default templates, comments, logo/background (wordmark) and modernization. After his edits decreased, he gave his rights to Afif Brika, who operated the wiki along with Pizza and Somarinoa. Eventually Australopithecusman resumed activity and once again operates the wiki.

New accounts continue to be created and join on this wiki.

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List of Administrator

Administrator status are given to users that have significant contribution to this wiki. Not all administrator are active.

What you can do

If you want to contribute to this wiki, hit the "Edit" button, "Add page" button, or any other of the options that can be accessed by clicking the "Contribute" button to the top right corner. If you do contribute to this wiki, your contributions will be valued and appreciated.

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Leyak by scythemantis-d5p0ya5 "As unpredictable—and probably just as controversial—as UFOs, Leyak are a supernatural phenomenon most feared by many Indonesians."

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