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Here are some basic 20 rules that all users must abide by. Consequences for not following rules are:

  1. Warning.
  2. Ban for hour(s) or one day.
  3. Ban for a 3 days to one week.
  4. 2 weeks to 1 year.

List of Rules:

  1. No Vandalism.
  2. No spamming talk pages.
  3. No making up creatures to create pages. EXAMPLE: "Orlando Dick Monster"
  4. No Swearing.
  5. No Sexual Content in talk pages or pages.
  6. No Trolling.
  7. Disrespect towards other users will result in a ban.
  8. Fictional characters are not allowed, unless they are part of cryptozoological media.
  9. No Creepypasta stories.
  10. No objects as cryptids.
  11. No hoax policy violations: See Hoax Policy
  12. No removing pages without the adding the category: Candidates for deletions.
  13. Racism is not allowed.
  14. Sexism is not allowed.
  15. No category violations: See Categories on Cryptid Wiki.
  16. If a page does not have 3 paragraphs, a "Stub" Template MUST be added.
  17. Duplication of pages (same cryptid with different name) are not allowed.
  18. Spam in user pages is not allowed.
  19. Threatening users in their talk pages or on articles is not allowed.
  20. No making fake or random edits for the sake of getting badges.