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The Snoligoster (sometimes mistaken for the Snallygaster which is in a similar area) is a long amphibious creature from lumberjack folklore of North America, known as a fearsome critter. It dwells in swamps in the south, but it is especially common around Lake Okeechobee, Florida. The Snoligoster will eat any meat, but it prefers human flesh. When it catches someone, it will use its tail to toss the unfortunate victim onto the spike on its back (it will store the carcasses on its spike until it is hungry). Once it is ready to eat, it will drill a hole in the ground with its propeller tail, and scrape the bodies off of its spike into the hole. It will then proceed to grind the unlucky victims into a pulp, and then inhale and/or drink them. Sometimes the Snoligoster will just use its tail as a club to batter targets too evasive to stab.

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