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Leyak by scythemantis-d5p0ya5 "As unpredictable—and probably just as controversial—as UFOs, Leyak are a supernatural phenomenon most feared by many Indonesians."

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Animal Bigfoot Orang Pendek Devil Monkeys De Loy's Ape Orang Bati
Class Mammals Mammals Mammals Mammals Mammals
Order Primates Primates Primates Primates Primates
Family Hominids Hominids Cercopithecidae Hominids Gibbons
Genus Gigantopithecus Homo Papio Ameranthropoides Harpyia
Species (See Bigfoot Species) Floresiensis Orci Loys Robustus

Bigfoot Species[]

Animal Hibagon Yeti Yowie Yeren Sasquatch
Class Mammals Mammals Mammals Mammals Mammals
Order Primates Primates Primates Primates Primates
Family Hominids Hominids Hominids Hominids Hominids
Genus Gigantopithecus Gigantopithecus Gigantopithecus Gigantopithecus Gigantopithecus
Species Iaponica Mons Descendere Yeren Orci


Animal Onza Hellhound Appalachian Black Panther Marozi Dobhar-chu Beast of Bodmin Moor
Class Mammals Mammals Mammals Mammals Mammals Mammals
Order Carnivora Carnivora Carnivora Carnivora Carnivora Carnivora
Family Feline Canine Feline Feline Mustilid Feline
Genus Miracinonyx Canis Panthera Panthera Lontra Panthera
Species/ Subspecies Aztecorum Mastiff Pardus Appalachian Leo Marozi Dobhar

Pardus England

Large Herbivores[]

Animal Emela-ntouka Mapinguari Mokele-mbembe Mbielu-Mbielu-Mbielu Nandi Bear
Class Mammals Mammals Reptiles Reptiles Mammals
Order Odd-toed Ungalates Pilosa Bird Hipped Dinosaurs  Lizard Hipped Dinosaurs Odd-toed Ungalaes
Family Rhinos Megatheriidae Titanosaurs Stegasaurs Calicotheres
Genus Emelatherium Mapinotherium Mokelesaurus Mbielusaurus Nanditherium
Species Ntouka Guari Mbembe Mbielu Ancylo

Marine Cryptids[]

Animals Loch Ness Monster Mermaid High-fin Sperm Whale
Class Reptiles Mammals Mammals
Order Plesiosaurs Primates Whales
Family Elasmosaurs Homonids Physeteroidea
Genus Nessiteras Merhomo Physter
Species Rhombopteryx Sapiens

High-fin or Long-fin or Tursio


Animals Ngoubou Muhuru Lizard Man Megalenia
Class Reptilia Reptilia Reptilia Reptilia
Order Bird Hipped Dinosaurs Bird Hipped Dinosaurs Lizard Hipped Dinosaurs Scaled Reptiles
Family Cerestatopsians Stegosaurs Dromeosaurs Monitor Lizards
Genus Styroractrosaurus Mbielusaurus Troodon? Megalenia
Species ___________? Muhuru _________? Modrenrinus


Animals Chupacabra Canadian Chupacabra Puerto Rican Chupacabra Girt Dog of Ennerdale (Proposed)
Class Mammal Mammal Reptilia Mammal
Order Carnivore Carnivore ? Carnivorous Marsupials
Family Canine Canine Reptile Thylacindae
Genus Canis Canis ? Thylacinus
Species Dog? Weasel or dog? Alien life or reptile? Marsupial