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The Crocodile Frog is an alleged cryptid found within Borneo.


The Crocodile Frog is a 3m long animal resembling a crocodile-frog hybrid. It has the head like a crocodile atop a slimy amphibian body. It has no tail but posses strong and relatively long hind legs. It's covered in brown scales with black spots.


The Crocodile Frog was known about by native villages in the area. These people claimed to have seen it several times.

Czech biologist, traveller and writer Jaroslav Mareš had learnt about this creature from Seluks tribe on an expedition in Borneo during 1976 and 1985. He wrote about his own sighting with Crocodile Frog in his 1995 book Detektivem v Říši Zvířat (‘A Detective in the Animal Kingdom’). According to Mareš account, he, and the guides he was with, saw the Crocodile Frog eating wild pigs. He observed the creature for some time before it came towards him.

Another account of the Crocodile Frog was told in 2002 Czech book Hon na Vodní Pøíšery (‘The Hunt For Water Monsters’) by Vojtìch Sláma.


Sláma hypothesised that the Crocodile Frog may be a surviving species of the Mastodonsaurus genus, prehistoric amphibious animals. A more likely hypothesis also told by Sláma, is that it may have been a crocodile born without its tail. By some miracle, a tailless crocodile may have overcome this challenge and specialised in hunting land animals rather than fish.