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Crocodile Frog
Mastodonsaurus, Burian, bw.jpg
A depiction of Mastodonsaurus, an extinct creature resembling the supposed creature.
Type Amphibian
First Sighting 1976
Last Sighting 1985
Country Borneo
Habitat Borneoan jungles
Possible Population Unknown

The Crocodile Frog is a rarely-sighted phenomenon from Borneo, described as a crocodile-frog hybrid.

Known from both native legends and sightings in 1976 and 1985, the Crocodile Frog was described as 7-9 feet long, with slimy skin, a pointed head, over-developed hind legs, and a short tail. This description doesn't exactly match known modern animal, although an injured or malformed crocodile could fit the description. Others suggest the Crocodile Frog is a surviving example of extinct giant amphibian varieties, like the one shown here.


A Chinese giant salamander, Andrias davidianus, the closest living equivalent to the creature.