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The Crawfordsville Monster is an Atmospheric Beast that was sighted over Crawfordsville, Indiana in 1891. The cryptid, as told by witnesses, suggests an otherworldly creature.


The citizens of Crawfordsville described a violently flapping "thing" with a flaming red "eye", twenty feet long and eight feet wide. Descriptions of the creature vary, with some accounts suggesting that it had no head, and others describing it as having glowing red eyes and hot breath. Accounts generally agree that it is a large rectangular creature, possibly eel like in appearance, with several undulating fins down the sides of its body.

During a reported second appearance, witnesses described the creature as writhing and squirming, and producing a wheezing sound as if it were in pain. One of the strangest accounts was when a Methodist pastor named Rev. G. W. Switzer and his wife also saw the animal. The creature writhed as though in great pain, "squirmed in agony" and sounded a "wheezing, plaintive noise" as it hovered at 300 feet.

What is strange about the creature is that it has an eye in its mouth, three jaws, and it appears to be a cyclops. It also seems to be eel-like in shape, with feathery protrusions coming out of its sides and back.

In Popular Culture[]

  • In the world of Dungeons and Dragons as well as related games, the Crawfordsville Monster has been depicted as an ooze-like creature that resembles an amoeba.
  • In Atmos Monsters, the Crawfordsville Monster has been depicted as a descendant of Anomalocaris that took to the skies along with many other creatures 560 million years ago, just after the Cambrian Explosion.
  • A fanmade my singing monsters island called cryptid island features a monster based on the Crawfordsville monster named eyiebel, who is created by YouTuber shoosh bros for the #createacryptidcontest and ended up winning.
  • The Crawfordsville Monster is featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.

The Crawfordsville Monster as depicted in MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.