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Catcoon; Cooncat.JPG
Artist rendering of a Cooncat
Type mammal
First Sighting Georgia, 2013
Last Sighting Georgia, 2014
Country United States of America
Habitat Georgia, California
Possible Population Unknown (only two spotted)

The Cooncat is a mysterious, half-raccoon, half-cat cryptid that lives in the northwestern part of the state of Georgia. Its first recorded sighting was on December 19, 2013.

First Sighting

A teenager first spotted the cooncat while driving in a Dodge Caravan. He alerted some of his friends about this discovery, and one of them grabbed a camera phone. Unfortunately, just as they were about to snap a photo, the cooncat ran way, up into some trees. However, the day after, the young man returned to the spot and found prints, prints that looked like it could've belonged to a cat or a raccoon. "It looked sorta like both", the young man told his parents later on. "Sort of like a cat, the body, but the head was definitely not a cat's. It was raccoon striped, and had a broader than a normal cats' face." The man admits that he might have been too far away to see the cooncat for real, but that does not stop him from thinking that it is a new kind of fearsome critter.

Second Sighting

The Cooncat was spotted once again by a different teenager on December 21. "It was early morning, so I couldn't get a good look at it," she said. "But it's pretty hard to miss something that big, even in fog. Looks like it had a coon's face and a cat's tail and body." The girl reports that she saw the cooncat run straight up the side of an oak tree and disappear into the forest. Her description of the critter is that it was brown with black paws, a bushy brown tail with white rings, and a broad, flat, raccoon head with a raccoon's mask. It was about 5 feet long.

Third Sighting

The third sighting on the Cooncat took place on January 4, 2014. A teenage boy reportedly spotted the Cooncat in a neighbor's yard, also in Douglasville, Georgia, and reported it back to his others friends. He described this one as about "3 feet long, brown, with a bushy tail and black paws". This is strange to see, many believe that this Cooncat was a youth, making it smaller than the adult who is 5 feet long.