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The Come-at-a-Body, also known as Jump-at-a-Body, (Quadrupes inprovisus) is a fearsome critter from North American folklore. It lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Southern Maine. It is first reported by Mr. B.B. Bickford of Gorham, New Hampshire as told in the 1939 Fearsome Critters book.


The Come-at-a-Body is a small stubby animal with soft velvety fur like a kitten. The Come-at-a-Body is harmless but has the habit of suddenly rushing directly at its victim from the brush, However, it then stops only a few inches away and spits. A strong mink-like scent is thrown and the Come-at-a-Body rushes away. The Come-at-a-Body has never been reported to hurt anyone or even kill humans.

In popular culture[]

  • The Come-at-a-Body is mentioned in the Disney children's show Gravity Falls.

Further reading[]

"The Come-at-a-Body" from Fearsome Critters (1939) by Henry H. Tryon

"Mythical creatures of Maine" 2021 by Christopher Packard

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 8.15

The 'Jump-at-a-body' variant from "Kickle-snifters" (Glen Rounds, 1978)