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The Columbia River Sand Squink (Anguillamvorax coruscens) is a fearsome critter from North American folklore. It lives in the remote mountains of Washington where it was said to be reported by prospectors, hunters and sheep-herders.


The Columbia River Sand Squink is a coyote, bobcat-like creature with the ears of a jack-rabbit. It has a long, bushy tail carried curved along it's back like a squirrel. It has three tiny, marble-sized metal balls connected on tiny cylindrical stalks, with two on the tips of the ears and the third on the end of the tail. It lays Bakelite-shelled eggs in a nest of old inner tubes.

The Columbia River Sand Squink is a nocturnal prowler and emerges after dark and sinks down the river to fish. It isn't fussy about its diet, but it has a great fondness for electric eels, because of their higher pH content. When hungry, the Columbia River Sand Squink is a timid animal, but its courage returns after eating electric eels. It then boldly stalks along the mountain trails until the Squink sights a prospector.

The Squink precedes its victim using its three rods by slowly waving its long tail and touching its ears. From eating electric eels, it generates a substantial charge of static, and produces a series of discharges that please and attract the traveler who follows them and is never seen again.

In Popular Culture[]

  • The Columbia River Sand Squink is featured in popular trading card game MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation.
The Colombia River Sand Squink

The Columbia River Sand Squink as depicted in MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation


Fearsome Critters (1939) by Henry H. Tryon