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Cole Hollow Road Monster
Type Abominable Swamp Slob, Bigfoot, Hairy Hominoid
First Sighting May 25 1972
Last Sighting July 1972
Country Illinois, USA
Habitat Swamp, Forests
Possible Population Low, maybe Subspecies

The Cole Hollow Road Monster is a tall, apelike creature with long hair and three-toed feet, like the Abominable Swamp Slob. It is seven to eight feet tall, weighing over two hundred pounds. It is found in central Illinois.


On May 25, 1972, police in Pekin and Peoria, Illinois, received over two hundred reports of a white apelike creature that left three-toed tracks and gave off a strong odor. The creature was first spotted near Cole Hollow Road and became known as The Cole Hollow Road Monster or "Cohomo" for short. Sightings of the monster lasted through July.

These sightings eventually lead to an organized search involving one hundred volunteers. The search was called off when one of the volunteers shot himself in the leg. 

Cole Hollow Road monster renderings.