Chupa-Cu is a mysterious creature found in Goianinha, Brazil, reported to be similar to the indigenous Boraro and Curupira (Portuguese version).

Indigenous Folklore

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The Tucano people (sometimes spelt Tukano) are a group of indigenous natives in the northwestern Amazon, along the Vaupés River and the surrounding area. They are mostly in Colombia, but some are in Brazil. The Curupira (Portuguese pronunciation: [kuɾuˈpiɾɐ]) is a mythological creature of Brazilian folklore, and its more monstrous Colombian version is known as Boraro (The Pale Ones). Much like the "Curupira" it is a protector of wildlife. Beyond its feet however, it is far more grotesque in appearance. It is very tall to the extent it is tree sized, pale skinned but covered in black fur, has large forward facing ears, fangs and is said to suck the bodily fluids of its prey. Animals in the wild often enter cities and disturb people when their natural habitat is destroyed. The creature attacking people in the city might have to due with Brazil's heavy deforestation.

Description and Sightings

Mistério-The Suck-Ass

Mistério-The Suck-Ass

The Chupa-Cu is a pink and big hominid, with no visible fur.

It has this name because the creature has a weird habit: it suck the people's anuses.

The first sighting happened when an unknown man was in his house and heared weird noises. When he went out to see what was happening, he saw the Chupa-Cu on his roof. The creature escaped in fear.

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