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Lakota Sphere of Influence.png
Type Hairy Humanoid
First Sighting Unknown
Last Sighting Unknown
Country United States
Habitat North and South Dakota, Montana
Possible Population Unknown

Chiye-Tanka or Chiha Tanka (meaning "Big Elder Brother") is a woodland being in the Lakota and Dakota languages of the great Sioux nations. Some people associate the legend with Bigfoot.


The Chiye-Tank is a large shaggy woodland being. According to various sources, Chiye-Tanka is a nature spirit and sacred messenger. According to Peter Mathiessen...

My travels with Indians began some years ago with the discovery that most traditional communities in North America know of a messenger who appears in evil times as a warning from the Creator that man’s disrespect for His sacred instructions has upset the harmony and balance of existence; some say that the messenger comes in sign of a great destroying fire that will purify the world of the disruption and pollution of earth air, water, and all living things. He has strong spirit powers and sometimes takes the form of a huge hairy man; in recent years this primordial being has appeared near Indian communities from the northern Plains states to far northern Alberta and throughout the Pacific Northwest.