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Chickcharney, Chickcharnie or Chickcharnee is a mythical creature resembling a bird, specifically an owl, that is said to live on Andros Island of the Bahamas.

According to some, it is furry, feathered, about 3 feet tall and is considered have three fingers, three toes, and red eyes. In common legend, if a traveler meets a chickcharney and treats it well, he/she will be rewarded with good luck. But, treating a chickcharney badly will result in bad luck and hard times. Sightings have continued into modern day.

Modern Sighting Explanation[]

Tyto pollens

A reconstruction of Tyto Pollens.

It has been theorized by scholars that Chickcharney sightings and legends are rooted in reality. Tyto pollens was a remote cousin of the smaller Common Barn-owl (Tyto alba): It was a 1 metre (3.3 ft) tall, flightless species of Barn Owl native to Andros, and closely fits eyewitness descriptions. It was rumored to survive until the 16th Century, when settlers felled the Eastern Andros Forests. However, since Tyto pollens was flightless, it was unlikely to need trees for shelter, and may still exist on the Western Half of Andros, explaining modern sightings.

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