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According to Russian creepypasta, Chepysh are 30-centimeter humanoid creatures or imps that live in abandoned houses, barns, forests and tall grass. They are most common in sparsely populated villages, although they are also found near large cities.

Chepysh ones are very fast and flexible, and have a developed intelligence. They are able to enter houses through cracks and open windows, driving in mosquito nets.

The main signs of the presence of Chepysh in the house are:

  • Subtle knocks on the roof
  • rustling, grinding and other unusual sounds,
  • Squeak, similar to the squeak of bats,
  • Lights flickering in the dark (these are their eyes)
  • Strange behavior of pets.

They are not aggressive, but they scream in an inhuman voice and throw various objects at those who enter their territory.

They were first filmed by the YouTube channel TraverSa. He gave them wide publicity. Most likely, the authors of the TraverSa channel came up with legends about chepyshes based on Slavic mythology, where there were similar creatures.