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Central American Whintosser is an aggressive fearsome critter from lumberjack tales of North America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This creature lives in the coast ranges of California, in the region of Isthmus. It is not a solitary creature; there are multiple Whintossers, in a a family or pack.(no one knows which)


It has a triangular body with a neck and a short tail that can swivel around. The head and tail can spin around 100 times per minute. It isn't very big, but it has a big ego. It is extremely aggressive. It has three sets of legs which help it to stabilize itself during earthquakes which are frequent in the region. These legs are positioned all around its body enabling it to walk upside down, sideways and on the ground. The animal's fur is quite bristly and slants at a sharp angle.

This animal causes frequent trouble to men and is very difficult to kill (even if you shoot it, club it, or really do anything to it, it will just thrash around, spin, and scream). The only known way to kill the creature is to trap it in a flume pipe or log. In this pipe, the Whintosser will try to walk in all directions and tear itself apart.

Further reading

"The Central American Whintosser" from Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods (1910) by William T. Cox

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