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Illustration of a Cehehe
Type Hybrid or living prehistoric creature
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Cehehe is a cryptid reported from Java, Indonesia. It is described as a bizarre, hybrid mystery creature. The Cehehe has a head of a feline, and body of a bovid. The name comes from its long, laughing-like sound. The unique thing that it is only reported from Cigedud forest, Sukabumi, which is encircled by Arca mountains.



Agus, a villager of Cigedud, Sukabumi, describe it as an animal with head of a cat and body of a goat or sheep. If the creature encountered a human, it will run away through the forest with long, eerie snickering or giggling-like sound.


Deity Singha - Fantastic beast cross between a lion, Singha, and a goat

East Javanese depiction of lion-goat creature, ca. 1300-1500 CE.

Abah Odih, Cigedud village elder, said that he used to hear the sound of the creature in his younger days. He said that the sound is like the bleating of a sheep. Once he had an encounter with the creature. He observed the creature with sense of fright. When the creature moves toward him, Abah Odih ran away while keeping an eye to the creature. When interviewed by Jejak-Jejak Misterius (Misterious Tracks) team, he indicates the height of the creature is about 60 cm. It is unclear that he is referring the height of the head or the back.

In 2014 Jejak-Jejak Misterius team led an expedition to find the elusive creature. The team searched day and night in Cigedud forest. Around midnight, the team record several bleating-like sounds. The team tried to follow the direction of the creature, but around 1.20 am in the next day, the sound stopped. It is then concluded that the creature must have been gotten away to the nearby Arca mountain.


The Sound of Cehehe

The sound of Cehehe as recorded by Mysterious Tracks team


  • Judging by the sound it makes, Cehehe may be an undocumented member of wild goat or sheep, with face/head different from them.
  • Cehehe might be a wholly new species unknown to science, a chimera-like creature.
  • Due to its small size, Cehehe might be a misidentification of chevrotain.
  • It could also be a surviving member of the Mesonychid taxon, due to it's seemingly carnivorous nature and hooved feet.
  • It is also possible Cehehe is a misidentification of kijang (muntjac), but it is also to be noted that muntjac produces barking sound instead of laughing-like sound when it senses danger.

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