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Werewolves are, in traditional European folklore, humans that possess the power of therianthrophy (shapeshifting into animals), usually after being placed under a curse or by being bitten by another Werewolf.

Types of Werewolves

Werewolves in cryptozoology, however, differ slightly from the initial tales surrounding the beast. A werewolf cryptid is usually a humanoid creature with canine features.  Many cryptozoologists are hesitant to place the "Werewolf" label on any suspected animals due to beast's ties with supernatural forces. Instead, we see most cryptids at first thought of as Werewolf creatures later being thought of as Bigfoot-like creatures. However, some cryptids are characterized as Werewolves to this day, perpetuating the age-old tale of half-man, half-wolf hybrids that roam the Earth.   

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