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Many cryptids reported are humanoids, or similar to humans in their anatomy. Some are also thought to be intelligent on a human level since they seem to have evolved in a similar path.

Humanoid cryptids typically have one or more of these characteristics:

  • Two eyes (binocular vision)
  • The ability to walk upright (biomechanic bipedalism)
  • Opposable thumbs
  • Not quite human (like human mixed with another animal-anthropomorphic)
  • Ability to build structures
  • Can communicate with other humanoids

Being a humanoid does not imply any relation to humans, this category simply refers to the anthropomorphic bodyplan described above. For categories with increasing proximity to humans, you may be looking for:

  • Apes , the mammalian group which includes the primates who are more human-like than monkey-like.
  • Hominids , the Great Apes. This is the category which encompasses most hairy humanoids like Bigfoot.
  • Near-Humans , organisms that might be categorized within the genus Homo itself. If it looks more like a human than like a bigfoot, this is where it should go.

You might also be looking for:

  • Beastmen , which encompasses anthropomorphic non-primates, as well as apparent mixtures of human and non-primate animal features.
  • Pseudo-Humans , cryptids which intentionally take on an appearance as close to human as possible for the purpose of mimicry.

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