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Hairy Humanoids, as they relate to cryptozoology, are bipedal cryptids who are human-like in appearance and covered in hair. This term is typically used to categorize Bigfoot-like creatures.


Most hairy humanoids have been described as primate-like creatures. However, many others are described as cat-like or dog-like. This could be a result of primate-like creatures evolving to have feline or canine-like features. That is not the case for most sightings, however.


Gigantopithecus, as reconstructed by William Munns

Some hairy humanoids may have descended from prehistoric hominids. For example, the Sasquatch, Yeti, Almas and Yeren are believed by some cryptozoologists to have descended from Gigantopithecus -- a prehistoric ape who, when fully erect, stood around ten feet tall, or a prehistoric race of hairy humans called Neanderthals that lived in Europe thirty thousand years ago. However, it is more likely Sasquatches evolved from Gigantopithecus over Neanderthals due to Neanderthals' low height. Some even believe that some hairy humanoids are Gigantopithecus.

Other Cryptids, like Orang-pendek (found in Indonesia) are believed by some cryptozoologists to have descended from a minute prehistoric human known as Homo Floresiensis (nicknamed the Hobbit).

Humanoid Factor[]

Not all hairy humanoids are humanoid in all sightings. Some creatures are considered more animal-like in some sightings and humanoid in others. The definition of humanoid is having an appearance or character resembling that of a human.


Humanoids typically possess one or more of these characteristics:

  • Two (often front-facing) eyes (binocular vision)
  • The ability to walk upright (biomechanic bipedalism)
  • Opposable thumbs
  • Large canine teeth
  • Most are omnivores
  • Are primates
  • Can communicate with other humanoids
  • Ability to build structures

The term "humanoid" is also used outside of cryptozoology to describe animals that are or were morphologically similar to humans, such as members of the family Hominidae. Apes are also homindaes.


Some Hairy Humanoids have been known to create societies and have advanced intelligence, while others are more animal-like and have the habits of canines, felines, or primates rather than humans. However, based on the idea that many Hairy Humanoids evolved from prehistoric people, many cryptozoologists consider them to have a lower intelligence than people, but still a greater intelligence than other cryptids. For example, the Sasquatch has been known to interact with Native American tribes and tales of them living together and sometimes mating have been told, but not proven. 

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