Aliens are creatures from space; aliens are any living creatures that are not originally from Earth. They could be anything from simple bacteria to intelligent life.

For a cryptid to fall under this category, they have to fit at least one of the following descriptions:

  1. The cryptid has the ability to speak, and confirms through its dialogue that it is of extraterrestrial origin. (Such as Indrid Cold)
  2. The cryptid is generally thought of as an alien, or has an appearance or traits similar to that of known Alien Cryptids. (Flatwoods Monster or Dover Demon, for an example)
  3. The cryptid or cryptids visit earth in spaceships or flying discs. (Such as Grey Aliens and Veggieman).
  4. The cryptid was sighted around the same time or during an event in which an alien or UFO was seen, and so is commonly accepted as being linked to extraterrestrial life. (Such as Alien Bigfoot)
  5. The cryptid is an Atmospheric Beast. Atmospheric Beasts, said to dwell in the clouds and/or the Earth's atmosphere, are sometimes percieved as alien life forms. (Such as Air Rods)
  6. The witness(es) that saw the cryptid claim it was or refer to it as an alien.

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