Cassie is an enormous sea serpent found in Casco Bay, Maine. It was named by Lauren Coleman


Cassie has been reported at lengths of 60-150 feet long. It swims at astonishingly fast speeds disappearing in seconds. It is as thick as a barrel and comes in a variety of colors including dark green, mottled brown, and is commonly reported as black with huge black spots.


It has been sighted in the Casco Bay near Portland and Penobscot in Maine. It's name was coined by the cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. It proving to be a plesiosaur is unlikely considering it swims at fast speeds. Plesiosaur's flippers' structure is constructed in a way it would not swim at fast speeds. Cassie's neck has always been reported sticking straight up out of the water. Scientists have thought that plesiosaurs neck could only stick out horizontally. Cassie has not been sighted in decades so either this sea serpent has gone extinct or migrated elsewhere.

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