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Carnival Cruise Monster
Illustration created by Max Hawthorne
Type Possible living Mosasaur
First Sighting 2014
Last Sighting 2014
Country Gulf of Mexico, Mexico
Habitat Warm shallow waters
Possible Population Likely small

The Carnival Cruise Monster was an unidentified creature spotted in the Gulf of Mexico from the deck of a cruise liner.

It was initially investigated by author Max Hawthorne, who coined the phrase "Carnival Cruise Monster" [1][2]


Carnival Cruise Monster is an unidentified creature witnessed by Paul George, a worker on a Carnival Cruise Lines ship. Only the main body and the head of the creature was ever seen or described. It was black and shiny, with tight, thick, leathery skin. According to him, it didn’t breathe through a blowhole like a whale, instead, it surfaced and breathed more like a crocodile would. It was described to be at least 50 feet, and larger than the ship's lifeboats which are around 30 feet. Though Paul described it as "whale-sized" he also said that it wasn't "thin and long" like a whale would be. It had a thick and powerful neck and was a broad animal.


The strange animal was observed by Paul George and a small crowd while on a Carnival Cruise Ship in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. The creature seemed to be calm in demeanour and was observed swimming beside the ship for around 30 seconds before it took a breath and dove back under the water. It was only ever observed once.

Possible explanations[]

  • A new or unidentified species of whale
  • A rock or similar surface feature
  • A living Mosasaur
  • A salt-water crocodile
  • Possible living Basilosaurus
  • Fabricated story