Carnival Cruise Monster
Type Possible living Mosasaur
First Sighting 2014
Last Sighting 2014
Country Gulf of Mexico, Mexico
Habitat Warm shallow waters
Possible Population Likely small
The Carnival Cruise Monster is a possible living Mosasaur that was found recently in the Gulf of Mexico.


Carnival Cruise Monster is a strange animal witness by Paul George. According to him, it didn’t breath like a whale and breathed similar to a crocodile. It stayed there before diving down into the depths. Compared to many animals, it’s most similar to Mosasaurus due to the snout and the flippers or fins.


The strange animal was even by Paul George as he looked out the distance. The creature seem to be very calm and it never breathed like a whale. According to him, the shape was unusual for an animal alive today. The animal dived back down, never to be seen again.

Possible explanations

  • A new species of whale.
  • A rock.
  • A living Mosasaur.
  • A salt-water crocodile.
  • Possible living Basilosaurus
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