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Calygreyhound by ns wen-d4s3evi

Artist rendering

The Calygreyhound is a mythical creature that appears in medieval heraldry. This creature appeared in the heraldry of the De Vere family who were the Earls of Oxford during the 15th and 16th centuries. This creature was often used to symbolize speed and swiftness. It has some similarities with Caretyne.


Cal mer

Calygreyhound depicted with a fish-like tail

It was described as having the head of a wildcat, the body of an antelope, the fore-claws of


an eagle, the tail of lion, and the hind legs and hooves of an ox, and was often depicted with ram-like horns, and has a long-forked tongue. Sometimes this creature would appear with a fish-like tail or a pair of eagle wings, similar to that of a Griffin. Unlike most heraldic monsters, it made no attempt to seem realistic.

This creature was known for its great swiftness.

It is generally accepted that the calygreyhound is simply a figment of the artist's imagination, but some parts of it are based on reality. When it is depicted,


An artist's depiction of the creature.

it does not have a consistent position.