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Cryptids Title Card

The title card of CRYPTIDS

Created By: Casey Stroud
Directed By: Casey Stroud
Written By:

Corey Bryant

Casey Stroud

Narrated By: Casey Stroud
No. of Seasons: 2
No. of Episodes:


Original Run:

August 9, 2011-February 11, 2012; July 5, 2013-July 13, 2013 - 1st Season

March 7, 2014 - Present - 2nd Season

Status: Ongoing

Cryptids (stylized CRYPTIDS) is an internet documentary anthological show on YouTube created by Casey Stroud. The show is uploaded to the account DarkPictures1. Since it's premiere in 2011, it's gained mild success, with videos being featured on and FirstPost articles. 


Cryptids was announced on a trailer posted on August 7, 2011. The show was originally scheduled to premier on August 8, but missed the date and was uploaded on August 9. The first 3 episodes were written and produced entirely by Casey until Corey Bryant became involved, writing every episode since except for episodes 5 and 8. The show had little success initially, but gained attention mid-season when the Slender Man episode was uploaded. Since then it's had mild success, but continues to gain a following.

On March 4, 2014, the second season was announced in a YouTube video titled "CRYPTIDS Season 2 Announcement". It said that episodes would come out once a month, first onto the Dark Pictures website, then to YouTube a week later. On March 7, 2014, the first episode of Season 2 premiered on the Dark Pictures website. It was uploaded to YouTube on March 15, 2014. On January 30, 2015, a video titled "CRYPTIDS Season 2 Finale Trailer" was uploaded, announcing that the Jersey Devil would be featured in the final episode of Season 2.


The main focus of the show is to introduce a specific cryptid (such as Bigfoot), present basic info, background, history of sightings, and other useful information, then let the viewer determine that with the information provided, if he or she believes that cryptid may exist. Another goal is to simply inform people about interesting monsters and how they've shaped the small towns that these cryptids seem to haunt. The first 3 episodes were presented in a specific format:

  • The Legend - the basic description and history of the monster featured.
  • Reports and Sightings - selected accounts involving the monster featured.

From the fourth episode onward, the show began to somewhat stray away from the format, still being loosely incorporated into the writing structure.

The show occasionally features creepypasta and monsters from folklore. 


The following is a list of all episodes from the CRYPTIDS web show:


Season No. of Episodes Begin End
1 10 Aug 9, 2011 Jul 13, 2013
2 10 March 2014 June 2015

Episode List[]

Episode No. Crytpid Release Date
1 Goatman Aug 9, 2011
2 Crybaby Bridge Dec 1, 2011
3 Mothman Dec 1, 2011
4 Loch Ness Monster Dec 1, 2011
5 Chupacabra Feb 11, 2012
6 Slender Man Feb 11, 2012
7 Caddy Feb 11, 2012
8 Skinned Tom Feb 11, 2012
9 Bigfoot: Part 1 Jul 5, 2013
10 Bigfoot: Part 2 Jul 13, 2013
11 Flatwoods Monster Mar 7, 2014
12 Black Shuck Apr 15, 2014
13 Bloop and Lusca May 16, 2014
14 Owlman June 25, 2014
15 The Rake July 28, 2014
16 La Llorona Aug 10, 2014
17 Beast of Gevaudan Sep. 21, 2014
18 Dover Demon Oct. 29, 2014
19 Thetis Lake Monster Dec. 29, 2014
20 Jersey Devil June 25, 2015

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