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Cfox306 was an individual on Youtube who covered mythology, cryptozoology and mysteries surrounding video games, most specifically GTA: San Andreas. His Youtube account was created around 2008 and established itself as one of the original top three content creators who completely dedicated their channels to "myths" and mysteries. Known to be controversial, as well as creative, his channel got traction and distinguished itself for producing creepy and well edited videos with "found footage". After several hiatus, the channel was abandoned in 2012 for a different project and later closed in 2017 before one last message from its creator. Since then, the creator has been confirmed to still be active and its successor has been creating content since the closure of the original account under the same name and can be found here .


List of Episodes
No. Title of Episodes Date of Upload Video Games
1 Cryptids - Sea Monster Apr. 25, 2011 Saints Row 2
2 Phenomenons - UFO May. 23, 2011 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
3 Cryptids - Shark May. 30, 2011 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
4 Cryptids - Mothman Jul. 16, 2011 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
5 Cryptids - Werewolf Jun. 30, 2011 Bully (Video Game)
6 Phenomenons - UFO Sep. 14, 2011 Bully (Video Game)
7 Cryptids - Mermaid Sep. 19, 2011 Bully (Video Game)
8 Cryptids - Mehrman Dec. 9, 2011 Saints Row 2