Butler Gargoyle
Illustration from Tyler Houck's second book
Type Flying Humanoid
First Sighting June 1993
Last Sighting March 2011
Country United States
Habitat Rural
Possible Population Very few, possibly 1

Butler Gargoyle is a Mothman-like creature at around 7-8 feet (2-3 meters) that was sighted from June, 1993 to March, 2011. It was described to have a bicycle helmet like head with pale grayish skin.


The first sighting was in June, 1993. Witnesses were looking at Allentown PA when they saw a seven foot tall creature walk in front of there car and he was not even scared of the car.

Chicora and East Brady Sighting

In March of 2011 a man was driving a rural road when he thought he was coming up on a deer. When he got closer, however, he saw that it was 7-8 feet tall and had a Mothman like stature.

Possible Sightings

The Chicora Mothman

In Chicora, Pa a few witnesses claimed to see a Mothman creature as they came out of a bar. Considering they were drinking this sighting is unlikely.


  • It was in the Tyler Houck's book, The Mothman Casebook
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