According to the mythology of the Balearic Islands, the Bubota are ghosts they haunt the crosses and cemeteries on the island of Mallorca scaring the living.


What is it? 

They have the appearance of incorporeal and semitransparent people covered entirely by large fabrics that cover their heads and arms. Normally they remain invisible, stopping at specific points but when they move to frighten someone, they do it levitating through the air leaving a trail that produces chills in living beings. They are ghosts of sheets. More than spectral elements, they are disguised pranksters or smugglers, although they also referred as such to supernatural presences. They say in Andratx that there are ghosts of many types, although the most known and feared are those that walk through the cemeteries. There are also but that surround the places that are around the villas, those that surround by concrete streets of cities or towns and that remain closed in the houses. A well-known type of Bubota in the Balearic Islands is Bubotes Negra, also known as Bubú. Very similar to the Catalan Papu, is the most known creature of the Balearic and is represented with a very black doll, which is shown to children to frighten them represented in children with a black doll to scare them.

In a way the Bubota is similar to the western worlds view on Halloween ghosts and may be the cause for that, perhaps sightings of such a creature led to the view of a ghost being in a sheet

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