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British dragon

possible population: small

Description Large, reptilian beast with massive horns.
First Sighting 1400s
Last Sighting
Country British Isles
Habitat Various wooded habitats

The British Dragon is a purported reptilian creature, first allegedly witnessed in the forests of England during the mid-15th century, although the creature has since been reported throughout Great Britain as well. It has since become a part of the British folklore and has been the subject of multiple books and documentaries.


The British Dragon is reported as a massive 30 foot long reptile. It is described as having grey skin with darker grey patches of skin and a red throat, with a pair of small, blue-colored eyes. The creature is said to have a robust body with a long tail and four thick limbs ending in four clawed toes. The creature is most famous four its three horns, reminiscent of those of horned dinosaurs such as Triceratops, and a parrot-like beak.


The British Dragon is reported to be highly territorial and very dangerous, using its horns and strong beaked jaws against any enemy. Despite this, it has never been reported to eat meat, and it instead is described as a herbivore that feeds on fruits, leaves, pine needles, shrubs, and nuts. The British Dragon is usually described as a solitary creature, although few reports suggests otherwise, where a few British Dragons have been reported living with others of their species.