The Brazilian Monkey-Trap Tree is a supposed carnivorous plant, almost like a venus-fly trap, seen by explorer Mariano da Silva in Brazil.

Possibly a large variant of Venus fly trap

In his book "Carnivorous Plants" (1974).

Randall Schwartz refers to the report from Mariano da Silva, who allegedly discovered a carnivorous tree which devoured a monkey while searching for the settlement of Yatapu Indians on the Brazilian border with Guyana.

He said that the plant releases a distinct scent that is particularly attractive to monkeys, luring them to it and enticing them to climb its trunk-whereupon its leaves totally envelop them, rendering these hapless creatures invisible and inaudible to anyone witnessing this grisly spectacle.

Three days or so later, the leaves open again, and from them drop the bones of their victims, from which every little vestige of flesh has been stripped.

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